Tuesday, 11 March 2008

High Royds

I had a quick look on Layla's work on flickr and saw some photos of an old lunatic asylum called High Royds in Mentson, Leeds area.
Did some reserch on the place found a movie was filmed there called 'Asylum' here is a video trailer:
And that the Kaiser Chiefs wrote a song about the hospital.
And that they are now plans to make it into housing, orginally they wanted to knock it down and build houses because it was too many bad memories of the place but now they are going to be restored, similar to the ones in Wakefield.
I really love old abdondedn places like this and going to try and make some contact and see if I can get in there for some photos.
I found this photo of somebodys on a blog and loved it:

And found this video of someone who lives 100yards from the place:

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