Thursday, 20 March 2008

Photos Before I Wen't To Work

I started trying to eat a little healthier and everytime I ate my apple wanted to take a photo so when I had got some makeup on before work took some photos.
Also tried some more of the doll work which I might do towards the final major project, that photo can be found in that post.

Runaway Bride Series Two

I quite like the holidays because when I get bored my creative brain works on overtime. The photo below was my favourite from the set, I had done runaway bride series before and really liked the photos I decided to do some more and had an idea with a huge vintage suitcase I have and have the bride looking like she'd packet her suitcase full and was still on teh run and to her discovery what was inside was all her childhood toys along with her favourite doll.

This photo was done for part of the easter holiday project to feature eggs, there are eggs laying on the ground and being thrown up in the air:
This piece was inspired by Andrew Wyeth's painting 'cristina's world' 1948. I saw it and loved everything about it.

Andrew Wyeth's orginal painting:

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

High Ryods Continued

Well I made some contact and a photographer who does a lot of work on abdonded buildings knows the place inside out and I am going to meet with him early Tuesday morning.
This was his first reply:

"Hi Leah, I kinda make my own oppertunities.. lol have a look at my latest creation let me know what you think.

If you want to take some pictures in high royds I can possibly get you in with me. we have to be invisible and stealthy.

some of my other stuff is here"

So i'm somewhat excited about getting some shots, really wish there was going to be no builders there and I could get a model in, I'll probs regret not getting a model for it.

High Royds

I had a quick look on Layla's work on flickr and saw some photos of an old lunatic asylum called High Royds in Mentson, Leeds area.
Did some reserch on the place found a movie was filmed there called 'Asylum' here is a video trailer:
And that the Kaiser Chiefs wrote a song about the hospital.
And that they are now plans to make it into housing, orginally they wanted to knock it down and build houses because it was too many bad memories of the place but now they are going to be restored, similar to the ones in Wakefield.
I really love old abdondedn places like this and going to try and make some contact and see if I can get in there for some photos.
I found this photo of somebodys on a blog and loved it:

And found this video of someone who lives 100yards from the place:

Monday, 10 March 2008


My brother and his frineds on sunday were up on our fields and the last time they were out on a sunny day, I wans't down there, so I told my brother to ask me next time it was a sunny day because I wanted some pictures as much as they did.
So here are just a few of them of the two main riders.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Inspiring Music Video

Saw this music video whilst I was ill other night and awake at 4:30am and really loved it, it had a lot of aspects of stuff i've being wanting to shoot.
Really love the feathers and vintage aspect.

Sugababes, Denial:

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Illness Self-Portrait

Well since over the last few days I have had food poisining or somthing I decided to try and be creative and do somthing and take soe sortaits, my creative brain was working but my slow body wasn't be able to get the shots I wanted but I got a few in end.
I had an idea of some old wire I had wrapped around my face but couldn't find it and went hunting in the spare bedroom and found my old prom dress, which felt weird wearing and actually was too big for me now!

Bradford Media Musem

Couple of weeks ago me and paul drove the bradford media museum, since I had never being in my whole life so thought it would be nice, there was an exhibition on at the time but it wasn't very good. I thought there was more about film than photography now which was a little dissapointing. I was thinking it was going to be better than I expected.
The exciting part was in the shop when I bought myself a Holga 120CFN (shown below). I've later bought a 35mm convertor for it since it is not so easy to develop medium format. Also Paul bought a lomograph camera.

I went to CC Imaging to get my film developed and it didn't turn out so good lots of photos were missing and you only get 12 shots! And I had big problems trying to scan them in at college (another reason why I love digital).
At the moment I have a B&W film in which will probs never get developed because how poor the other one was. Then I will start to test my 35mm convertor which should be nice and easy because I can go to tesco!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Paulo Roversi

I found a photographer called Paolo Roversi who is quite old now and has being working with models for sometime, but I loved the old fashioned treatment on his colour photographs, i'm not sure they were shot on digital I doubt it but I really like the mixture of fashion and location with the vintage treatment.

Here is his website:
Paulo Roversi

Here are some examples:

And this his Vogue Italy September 2007 collection:

I found this photographer on a magazine website called Calikeartel Magazine which I found even more great work from fashion photographers a lot of editorial work. These are some of my favourite photographers I found:
Vincent Peters
Viki Forshee
Satoshi Sakiusa
Corinne Day
Guy Bourdin