Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Bradford Media Musem

Couple of weeks ago me and paul drove the bradford media museum, since I had never being in my whole life so thought it would be nice, there was an exhibition on at the time but it wasn't very good. I thought there was more about film than photography now which was a little dissapointing. I was thinking it was going to be better than I expected.
The exciting part was in the shop when I bought myself a Holga 120CFN (shown below). I've later bought a 35mm convertor for it since it is not so easy to develop medium format. Also Paul bought a lomograph camera.

I went to CC Imaging to get my film developed and it didn't turn out so good lots of photos were missing and you only get 12 shots! And I had big problems trying to scan them in at college (another reason why I love digital).
At the moment I have a B&W film in which will probs never get developed because how poor the other one was. Then I will start to test my 35mm convertor which should be nice and easy because I can go to tesco!

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