Thursday, 21 February 2008

Wen't For A Walk

So wen't for a walk with my dog for a ciggerette, because had urge to take some more photos after location shoot.
And loved seeing all the frost on the dead trees, some nice macro shots would have being nice, took a few on my Holga on B&W film, which might turn out nice?

I had the idea of pitting two photos together one of the trees with forst on and another conceptual self-portrait because there was this whole eerie frost.

And well these are what I produced:

Other Photos From Location Shoot

These are the other photos from my location shoot with Lali, these were the ones where the lighting did not fire.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Well as we all now i'm sure some flooding accured so thought i'd bob out and get a few snaps to rember it all.
Since the flooding has being going on for hundreds of years in my area I wanted to give it that vintage old look, almost as if the photos were found and it's no diffrent as to today.